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Yes! Desert Relief also does shirts and stuff!

   Artisans, creators, entrepreneurs, or just plain ol' Americans following a passion--does it really matter as long as you are getting the product you want? We could attempt to trap your hearts by telling sob stories about our childhood broken homes and raisin' our young ones on hand-me-downs and food stamps, but, does that guarantee that you get the goods that you want? We are not here to promote ourselves. We are here to promote our product.  

   Desert Relief Designs are hands down the best that your money can buy.  Let's be real: unless you want to buy a t-shirt for $500 so you can flex how you're not THAT bothered by the pizza stain by your nipple, this is your best bet. We hand-pick the shirts for every order and individually prep every last one to make sure what arrives at your door is what you signed up for. These are some of the softest materials, and while we are not the cheapest option, our process offers enormous flexibility, customizability, and the delightful joy of washing your new swag more than once before it disintegrates (don't judge us, we've all been salty about low quality at some point). If you want your nips to be treated as gently as a baby's bottom and/or if you want everyone else's retinas to fry from the vibrant colors reflecting off your shirts, look no further!


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