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Our tees

Many describe a cloud as light, fluffy, and soft, but did you realize that one cloud can weigh as much as 100 chunky elephants? Also, how soft can a cloud be when it is made up of dirt particles and moisture? (Yeah, I said moisture, get over it!) Because of this, we won't say our tees are super soft, like a cloud, minus the moisture. We promise to send them all moisture and dirt free. Each design is completed either by ink sublimation or heat transfer vinyl. Our ink sublimation on dark fabric is achieved by pressing your design at 400 degrees, then applying just the right amount of bleach and Arizona sun. This means no two are identical, so there will be no twinning or whining if yours isn't exactly like the posted sample. We try to make them as consistently as possible, but bleach does what it wants. 

Gildan G64000 Bleached_edited.jpg
BellaCanvas 3001 Bleach 1_edited.jpg
BellaCanvas 3001 Bleach 2_edited.png
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